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Friday, December 30, 2011

What's new?

How was everyone's Christmas? I received a lot of presents, very unexpected. Changing the subject I got new things to show you guys. My hair totally changed and I finally bought the Jeffrey Campbell Lita the spiked ones! wow! and I also got a couple of Barbie dolls added to my collection. Anyways I hope everyone has an amazing New Years. Love to you all. xoxo

I cut my bangs, added some light bubble pink in them and so is one layer of the bottom part of my hair ;)

Check out my new Barbie car and barbie dolls, aren't they soo cute!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fashionista of the Week!

Fashionista of the week is a new project I came up with. 
In which I chose a person that I personally think has great sense of style, 
either based on their outfits or their makeup say for example. 
I ask the person a couple a questions about his/her style and post them here. 
Hope everyone enjoys this new project. xoxo!

I believe I do not have fashion. I just wear what looks and feels comfortable. 
Sometimes my clothing might not match, but it somehow seems to work well. 
Maybe even like how a geek dresses, shirt and jeans.

I would have to say that Coco Chanel has to be one of my favorite designers. 
The fact that suits can actually look amazing on a woman makes me want to wear them everyday. Also, Giorgio Armani has to be my second favorite. 

 I think perhaps it does affect the neighborhood an individual lives at. 
Also, I think that by seeing others that individual gets the sense of style. 
If an individual lives in a neighborhood of wealth maybe their style is going to be more modern as well as mainstream. At least that is what I have noticed living here in Indiana. Girls and boys seem to wear more name brand clothing. Rather as the individuals that live in a somewhat "lower class" just wear simple things. By simple I mean hoodies and jeans, of course I'm not stereotyping.

Well, I have a small frame and you would think it would be easy to find clothing that fits well my body well its somewhat hard. I usually shop at forever 21, the only reason why I do that is because their jeans seem to fit perfectly rather as other brands they do not fit properly. I also like the variety of styles they have from patterns to floral prints. I also love Urban Outfitters it seems that every once in a while I find a perfect blouse or sweater. Its pretty hard to find something that will fit well. These two stores would probably have to be my favorite. Also, lately at Target I have found a couple of shirts that fit properly as well as dresses. 

Well, in my opinion I would have to say that every young lady needs a cardigan, a pair of skinny jeans, a flannel, and a cool graphic tee. Also, having a cool black dress with pockets. I love dress with pockets they makes me feel cool. I have plenty of these items in my wardrobe as well as tank tops. It seems that everything is an essential to a perfect closet. 

Mood that fits my mood? Well, I would have to say if I feel lazy I usually wear baggier skinny jeans and a regular V neck. If i feel like dressing up I usually wear a nice blouse and dark skinny jeans. If its an important event I usually wear a dress with tights usually dark ones. Perhaps, now that I'm thinking about the mood maybe it goes with my clothing. I usually say I wear what feels comfortable. It's true though. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New contest!

So I was thinking of putting up a contest on my facebook. The contest will be based on the look (outfit) of the week. I will post the winner every weekend based on the majority of the votes the girl/boy gets. It is a new project I have in mind. Any candidates are welcome to add me on facebook to enter to be posted in my blog for best dressed (outfit of the week). I am so excited! Can't wait to see my fashionistas out there! xoxo

So add me on  

more information will be updated later this week, thanks!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011