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Thursday, January 24, 2013


I' was having some mixed out feelings that I wasn't able to understand about myself. It's been some years since I've longed to realize that the issues I was having wasn't because of the people surrounding me, of course the environment and the people around you shape who you are but the feelings I was having was about myself. When I was younger I used to be a bit over weight, I never thought I had an eating issue but I would tell myself that eating felt good and food was a comfort to how I was feeling. I was bullied and made fun of for being chunky and ugly, but that never really bothered me. I came to realize that the issue behind my low self-esteem and my depression wasn't all because of what people thought of me, it was because I didn't accept me for who I am and for I look. Now that I have learned to love myself, I can care less what people think of me (physically). I've fought way to many times with girls and boys who would think otherwise but now it doesn't even matter. I love myself, and that is the greatest thing I've ever learned. I am fine with the way I look because no matter what I can't change the way I look, okay maybe surgery could work but that isn't even an option. I wish to be an inspiration to other girls with the same issue. It is okay to be who you are, don't be afraid to embrace it! xoxo. 

Picture I took, making funny ugly faces! I don't care to look ugly!! xo.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Barbie Makeup

My first makeup video, hope you guys enjoy! xoxo.

Any questions let me know!

For this look I used:

Brushes by Sonia Kashuk
Foundation by M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid in color NC35
Sephora Blush in color Romantic Rose
Concealer by NYX color light
Mascara by M.A.C Falsies in black
False lashes  by M.A.C #48
Lipsticks by M.A.C color Cyber and Diva

Monday, January 14, 2013

Dollhouse Chicago!

Last friday my friend invited me to this place on Belmont name 
Dollhouse. I knew this place was a gay bar but I didn't know 
how crazy people got in here LOL well either way my co-workers 
from Akira Bucktown and I still had fun together, 
we made the best of it. Plus we got many compliments 
on how we looked that night. I was an amazing night.

Team Fab all day, errrrday! xoxoxo.

All about the make up!

My favorite brushes to use when applying make up are the 
Sonia Kashuk brushes. It includes a foundation brush, which is
 amazing when applying liquid foundation. 

My favorite foundation is M.A.C studio fix fluid, it has SPF 15 
and it is full cover. It also doesn't feel like heavy, it is more natural 
looking and it doesn't look oily. 

Another foundation that I love best is Clinique, it is amazing in 
summer because it doesn't melt. It can withstand a 80 degree 
weather. I use this foundation in the summer because is less thick, 
it's very transparrent, middle coverage,
it is oil-free and it gives you a matte overall finish to your look.

One of my favorite blushes is this Sephora blush, its peachy 
and it looks like natural and not too pink which I love!

One of my favorite eye shadow palettes is HIP, thiese eyeshadows
help you get the smokey eye shadow look, plush it gives you a 
matte finish to your look.  A plus is that it isn't so expensive, 
and it is available in drug stores.

M.A.C eye shadows have to be my all time favorite, I adore them.
this is a palette that I created for my smokey eye makeup. 

Another favorite palette is the Chanel with four eye shadows,
this palette is for a purple smokey eye. Eyeshadow colors are 
shown in the picture below; Blackberry, Petal, Orchid and Dusk.

For every smokey eye look, I always use this M.A.C black eyeshadow
Carbon, you can't tell I use it a lot right? I need a refill! LOL

For an amazing look I have to use concealer, have you seen my dark
circles? LOL not kidding since I sleep so little and do so much I have
to have a reliable concealer on! Believe it or not this NYX concealer
has done wonders to me, but then what works for me may not work
for anyone else. I give it four stars and two thumbs for the price!

My favorite eye liner is Maybelline Eyestdio, it comes with the brush
that helps you build the best lines and this liner doesn't smudge 
which is awesome if you have a greasy crease. Also the price isn't 
all that expensive and is available in drugstores.

I rarely wear mascarra but two of my favorites are Maybelline Mega
Plush Volum Express mascarra, and M.A.C False Lashes.
I usually justwear fake lashes by M.A.C

I really don't wear powder make up but when I do, 
I wear Michael Giordano mineral powder foundation

My all time favorite bronzer is by VS (Victoria's Secret).
It is only $12 dollars, and it's shimmery, I love it!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Me, my, mine!

New Years have brought me so many stuff, some of that stuff includes materialistic
presents. From shoes, to make up, to accessories and handcrafts! check it out!!