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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Glamorous life!

This summer I've had so many crafty projects, this time I've been
wanting to stud a bustier and here it is! i love that I could use it with 
skirts and blazers they look so elegant and sexy with anything.

Like I've stated before summer and fashion don't mix but I try to
keep myself looking good! a messy bun and a spiked bracelet on
the bun just makes it ten times more fashionable! <3

Things I am obsessed with this month are!
1. Vera Wang Rock Princess perfume
2. Nikki Minaj M.A.C lipstick
3. Spiked bracelet


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Extravaganza

For summer I love making my eyebrows look messy and bushy and not just that
but the whole natural orange smokey eye with lashes is always a must not to forget
a soft nude lips goes just great with my messy bummy look, fashion and hot weather never mix. Ugh!

I always wanted bangs for summer but the commitment scares me! so I was smart
and with some extensions I had I made some fake clip-on bangs! The only thing is
with these bangs I get so many Lady Gaga comments, someone shot me!

This summer as well I challenged myself into making myself this dream dress.
Well so far this is my sketch preview, forgive my poor drawing skills. 
So far the dress is nearby done, just needs a few things to sew, 
can't wait to show you guys the final product!

Also I finally received my inspired Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas as much as I hate
knockoffs these just looked awesome I loved the Coral color, most of my shoes are
black I needed the change and pink has always been my favorite color why not?

I've been having a lot of little projects to keep myself entertained and busy.
I was browsing through Akira (my favorite store to shop online) and I came
across these cute flower headbands I fell in love with them but oh lord they
where about $100 each, luckily I love the challenge so I made myself one
not as great as those hundred dollar ones but I love it, plus it was my creation
so no one will have one just like mine! I feel like a flower girl in a wedding :)

It's summer so happy I have so many skirts to be cute and flirty with
not to mention they look great with any wedges, cute mix right?

I had so many things to talk about for summer so I'll be posting more
summer looks and outfits ladies so stay tune for more! 


Monday, July 9, 2012

Bad Girls Don't Cry!

Random Pictures and Sneak Peak of my shoot!


Passion for Fashion!

Spikes on my hair!

easy lazy up-do, grab all your hair and put in your favorite spiked bracelet!

headband I made from a necklace I bought at Playto's Closet for only $4.99

white hair never gets old!


going outfitt in coral and glitter sequin Akira skirt!

I love garter tights, perfect mix with my love Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Lita's!