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Friday, September 30, 2011

Heel Condoms?!

Yea the not just the other day I was browsing through and I came across these fabulous heels. So at the instant I clicked on the picture to see the picture bigger and in the caption it said "Heel Condom" I was surprised to the name yet I wanted to find out what they were. I then googled heel condom and learned more about these condoms! 

Heel Condoms can change the way your old boring heels look like, just strap them in and it changes everything in result your heels look new and super fashionable!

For detailed information :
go to this website, all the information below was obtained there

Condom-like covers that let you play dress up with your stilettos.
Heel Condoms have many perks:
+ Make simple shoes a conversation piece
+ Mix and Match with outfits
+ Great for travel
+ Easy to wear
+ Protect heels from damage
+ Reusable
+One size fits all
How to give your shoe a condom fix?
Simply slip them up your heels and either place the elastic band under your foot to keep in place or tie the two straps around your ankle.
*When placing condom on heel please be careful, used shoe caps can break the condom. SHOES SOLD SEPARATELY.

Here is a video for even more information on these "Heel Condoms"