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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Audrey Kitching!

I love her and I am so jealous because she has pink hair! Pink has been my favorite color ever since I could remember! I have had pink hair but not as good as Audrey. I am a fan of her style xoxo!

Don't Say Goodbye!

First of I want to say I want to apologize for not updating my blog. I've been having a rough time in school and well I haven't had the time to update but soon I'll be back better than ever with new better stuff! I am working on makeup tutorial videos and more outfit looks please stay tune and be patient with me! Don't say goodbye to my blog I'll be back I promise! Love ya'll xoxo

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mr. Downstairs

So we all know The Millionaires members Melissa Marie Green, Allison Green and Dani Artaud. But we all know that Dani Artaud formerly announced she was out of  the band. Well now she is back better than ever in a new band "Mr. Downstairs" with member Asia Whiteacre. I am loving it. Hope you enjoy it too!<3

More information from their facebook:

Dani Artaud
Asia Whiteacre
Los Angeles
Mr Downstairs featuring Dani Artaud and Asia Whiteacre formed in late 2010. Expect a new album in the vein of Dark Indie Pop along with touring schedule in early 2011. Dark indie pop
Current Location
Los Angeles

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Megan Fox Look!

Megan Fox!

She inspired my next look, I just think Megan Fox is hot!!
I love red lips, for my red lips I used 

Shade Ruby Red  

buy it at target 
                                                        Price: $5.84 

For my eyes I went natural, just curled my eyelashes no mascara no nothing. 
Since red lips take a dramatic look you don't want to over do your makeup with 
adding eyeshadow of any color. But if you want to do an eyeliner it always works.

for my hair tutorial I have a video (;

Hope you enjoy the Megan Fox look!<3

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Charleene - Needles and Pins

So I have this song in my head, I love it<3 
Here are the lyrics so you can sing it too.

I saw him today, I saw his face
It was the face I loved and I knew
I had to run away and get down on my knees and pray
That they'd go away
But still they begin
Needles and pins
Because of all my pride
The tears I gotta hide
Needles and pins
Needles and pins
because of all my pride
the tears i gotta hide
I thought I was smart, I wanted him
Didn't think I'd do, but now I see
He's worse to her than me
Let him go ahead, take her love instead
And one day he will see
Just how to say please
And get down on his knees
Yeah, that's how it begins
He'll feel those needles and pins
a-hurtin him, a-hurtin him
Why can't I stop and tell myself I'm wrong, I'm wrong, so wrong
Why can't I stand up and tell myself I'm strong
Because I saw him today, I saw him face
It was the face I loved and I knew
I had to run away and get down on my knees and pray
That they'd go away
But still they begin
Needles and pins
Because of all my pride
The tears I gotta hide
Needles and pins
Needles and pins

Friday, March 4, 2011

My Forever 21 Look!

 Get my look for today! (;

We first start of with a flower print dress, very simple by the way and you
can choose it any color you want it's your choice. You can buy it pretty
much anywhere. Then add some black leggings to your outfit. Add a cute 
simple brown waist belt to add a cute touch to your look. Let's not forget 
about our blazer in this case I think any color would look good in my case a 
green blazer. And to finish this look just add on some plain black heels!

If you have any of the clothes below use them and save yourself some money.
Forever 21
Short Floral Dress
Forever 21
Basic Cropped Leggings
Forever 21
Skinny Leatherette Belt
Forever 21
Denim Naval Blazer
Forever 21
Suedette Peep Toe Heels

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Choosing the right headband!

Sometimes our outfits are some what plain and boring, well why don't we add some accessories? A headband can change the way your whole outfit looks. Now choosing the right one isn't rocket science either. It is all about the your outfit! Also note that choosing the wrong headband can ruin your look and make your outfit look overdone. You can also do crazy prints and big bow headbands, something different but not to crazy.

Want a headband that looks good and professional too. Try this headband it looks great for going to work. It isn't too crazy or exaggerated. You can try these head bands in different prints but try not to use bright colors that give too much attention, try blacks, browns and whites. (;

Try fun headbands with gems on them. They are cute and flirty and they can pretty much look great in every outfit. If your going out for a date, to a nightclub this headband always works. Any color gems works for pretty much any outfit.

And Yes you can do big headbands with big flowers. It brings out a look at me statement. That is if your trying to get some attention or some compliments this always work. Try different bright colors for this headband! (;

You can do this headband too and pull it off. Use this headband only for elegant parties and you want to stand out from the crowd. This headband says "I am cute and different from the crown, I stand out!!"
 And even just a simple headband works. That's if your lazy or say have no time to fix your hair just throw on a this kind of head band and it will look just great and no one will notice you didn't do your hair!

 And even if your pulling up your hair you can put on a headband and look great. Just make sure your hairdo isn't already complicated, if it is just a simple headband will do the trick.
 And let's not forget about the big bow headband. This headband works great with that little black or solid white dress.

Now have fun putting your outfit together and don't forget you can bring out your outfit with a beautiful headband to compliment your head! 

*Note there are a bunch of different headband with different textures, designs and ornaments. I only talked about a couple but don't be afraid to go bold. Make a statement! You can pull it off! xoxo

Blue Hair!

Blue Hair!