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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chicago Downtown!

Just the other day some friends and I decided to catch up and get lunch downtown. 
Yet we never expected to take pictures and have such fun. We decided to check on that big monument of Marilyn Monroe. It is a beautiful statue of Miss Monroe's most memorable pose and the monument is about 26 feet tall. 

Living all our lives here in Chicago we never really noticed the beautiful architecture the city has.

This building is the famous Chicago Tribune newspaper building.

Some hotels in the city have such gorgeous architecture, check the following out.

Besides admiring the architecture we sure do have humor, check me out being goofy. LOL

Now look at us trying to pose like those fashion magazines!

Check out our terrible attempt to get caught in midair, oops!

This last picture was taken at the famous Harold Washington Library.
This is the 5th floor I believe, its called the garden floor. 
You can study there while checking out the beautiful tress inside.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Faux Fur Vest is a must!

This Fall you must have a faux fur vest, it is a must! so many ways to use a faux vest and make your outfit stand out, somehow it can be your best accessory! Here are some ideas of how to put in a faux fur vest!

Wear that fur vest with jeans!

Wear it with leggings and boots!

Wear it with other pattern blouses!

Wear it with a pretty blue dress and black tights!

Wear it on top of a nice trench coat or any type of coat!

Wear it along with some shorts and tights!

Rock that fur vest like Kim Kardashian does!

Here are some more ideas!

Doesn't this outfit look great?