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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Choosing the right headband!

Sometimes our outfits are some what plain and boring, well why don't we add some accessories? A headband can change the way your whole outfit looks. Now choosing the right one isn't rocket science either. It is all about the your outfit! Also note that choosing the wrong headband can ruin your look and make your outfit look overdone. You can also do crazy prints and big bow headbands, something different but not to crazy.

Want a headband that looks good and professional too. Try this headband it looks great for going to work. It isn't too crazy or exaggerated. You can try these head bands in different prints but try not to use bright colors that give too much attention, try blacks, browns and whites. (;

Try fun headbands with gems on them. They are cute and flirty and they can pretty much look great in every outfit. If your going out for a date, to a nightclub this headband always works. Any color gems works for pretty much any outfit.

And Yes you can do big headbands with big flowers. It brings out a look at me statement. That is if your trying to get some attention or some compliments this always work. Try different bright colors for this headband! (;

You can do this headband too and pull it off. Use this headband only for elegant parties and you want to stand out from the crowd. This headband says "I am cute and different from the crown, I stand out!!"
 And even just a simple headband works. That's if your lazy or say have no time to fix your hair just throw on a this kind of head band and it will look just great and no one will notice you didn't do your hair!

 And even if your pulling up your hair you can put on a headband and look great. Just make sure your hairdo isn't already complicated, if it is just a simple headband will do the trick.
 And let's not forget about the big bow headband. This headband works great with that little black or solid white dress.

Now have fun putting your outfit together and don't forget you can bring out your outfit with a beautiful headband to compliment your head! 

*Note there are a bunch of different headband with different textures, designs and ornaments. I only talked about a couple but don't be afraid to go bold. Make a statement! You can pull it off! xoxo

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