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Monday, May 9, 2011

Next review will be on Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean

I just received my Wen hair care I am so excited to actually use this product and give my opinion on this product. I've heard wonders about this hair care, my friend actually told me about it and well I am more than happy to try it out myself. So stay tuned for my review! I'll be writing a little about each product below in another blog, more detailed.

WEN Hair Care by Chaz Dean
Cost: $29.95 + shipping
Order it online at


  1. These are natural products. i use wen hair products..

  2. i’m a natural redhead, but have bought a sample of Lush caca rouge…wantHair melbourne to go a deep copper rather than bright red, have you got any advice?

  3. The technician's name was Natasha. Good Luck. Laser hair removal and Lasik have werwolf kostüm
    really been the best money I've ever spent.. well except for my babies from the Humane Society.

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