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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OMG! Shoes!

Ever since I can remember, when I got my first pair of heels I was more than excited. 
Blood ran through my veins ever so quickly and my nervous system crashed. Okay!
Maybe I am being a bit exaggerated but it is hard to describe how happy I was with my first pair of heels! 
How did you feel having your first heels? Now more than ever have I've been obsessing over heels, but not just random heels you see at a mall. I am more than addicted and obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell heels. 
I feel that J.C understands a women so deeply, wearing J.C shoes makes you feel bold; they make you feel so confident. Shoes aren't just an accessory, shoes make a statement, they define who you are as a person, or so that's what I believe. When I wear heels I feel so confident, I feel bold, I feel like I put a message across "confidence is the best weapon a women has." 

This Fall I am obsessing over the following J. C heels....! Just watch and Enjoy!!



  1. Hey lady, cute blog! I noticed one of these photos is my personal photo. That's totally fine for you to use it, just maybe you can give my blog a shout out sometime? I feel like we both like the same styles, so maybe your readers would like my blog as well? Anyway, feel free to keep the photo, but I'd love a shout out on your next blog entry if possible!

    1. Aw awesome, I peeked at your blog we deff. have the same style! soo awesome, the Barbie crew xo!