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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fashionista of the Week!

They call me Kitty Khaoz. I'm a hairstylist and makeup artist for 7 years now, I'm also a musician and have music in the works and will be out very soon. I'm not so much a people person but those I do consider friends I keep close to me. Anything you want to know you can ask me.

Describe my style? hmmm I think my style would be more like post modern punk/ goth glam . I'm inspired by Marylin Manson and a little bit of Lady Gaga as well, I can dress very grungy, dark, wierd, yet classy and glam at the same time . My neighborhood is full of "ghetto" people as they call it haha so everyone dresses baggy but I dont think it affects people.

I don't shop much I make most of my clothes so I usually buy fabric to make them, if not I like to shop at a lot of thrift stores then make alters to a few things. A must have in a womens wardrobe? well I know in my wardrobe I must have shoes and black lipstick. My mood doesnt really affect how I dress, I wear black all the time so doesn't really require much hehe..

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